Apr 28, 2013

How to copy Contact from iPhone to Andriod Smartphone

Recently I am switching my smartphone from iPhone to Andriod.  So I am trying to get all my contact from iphone to my new Andriod phone.  The most easiest way to copy all the contact to Andriod is export everything to gmail, and Andriod phone get all the contacts from the gmail.  :)

Here are the steps for iPhone

1) Go to iCloud --> Contact
2) After the contact is display, select all the contact by pressing CTRL + A
3) Go to setting and click on "Export vCard..."
4) vcf file will be created.  Normally sitting at your download folder.
Note: The cfg file will be named as same as the first contact name plus total number of contacts.  For example, the first contact name is Alvin and you got total 500 contact.  The file name will be like "Alvin and 500 others.vcf"

Once you have the vcg file, login to your gmail. And import all the contact from vcg file to gmail account.

So all the contact are in your gmail account now.

And now go to your Android phone, and sync all the contact from gmail account to the phone.  :)