May 14, 2009

KLCC Food Court - Teh Tarik

Do you try KLCC Food Court (3rd floor one) "Teh Tarik" before?
Do you know how much?

Today I was having lunch in KLCC Food Court with my friend. And we just ordered food without the drink. This is because the food stalls have limited choice, normally just soft drink. We usually go to another stall (which selling all kind of drinks) to get our favorite drink.

So happening today after I finished my lunch and I feel I need a cup of "Teh Tarik" to quench thirst. I walked through few stalls and they are not selling "Teh Tarik". At last one of them told me only "EXPRESS" stall is selling.

I walked to "EXPRESS" stall and ordered the "Tek Tarik". Once got my order, the sales girl was entered the amount into their cash register. At first I was wondering the price she entered was wrong. But she looked at me and the face looked like nothing happen.

Do you know how much she entered? She entered MYR 3.30 for a cup of "Teh Tarik". And then she some more told me, "Sini bukan mamak stall. Sini EXPRESS." Its means "Here is not mamak stall, here is EXPRESS".

At last, I cancelled the "Teh Tarik" and just order soft drink.....

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