Jun 22, 2009

Toy'R Us Warehouse Sale

Toy'R Us Warehouse Sale up to 70% Off

Location: Centro, Klang
Date: 23rd- 28th June 2009

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维雄 said...

我虽然已经是青年了,但是还是很喜欢逛Toy'R US,感觉上没走一趟人就会很多灵感。


Little HaoHao said...

那你这个weekend就要去一趟咯。。。 买和不买不用紧,最重要是找到灵感。。。

Yossi Candice Huth said...

巴生。。。古晋好像还没有Toy R Us的店。。。

Little HaoHao said...

是吗? 我不知道啦。。。 没去过。。。下次来吉隆坡才买。。。

maisie said...

Now not the time leh! Busy with my new house stuffs. Help me if you see "baby alive" with Ori price
approximately RM239..how much can get after discount!

Thank you 1st.