May 24, 2011

Best emcee in town

This emcee,
  • Can talk like non stop - this is compulsory, if not who going to lead the "yamseng".... hahahha
  • Can dance, any type of the music, like india song, thai song, chinese song, english song etc... He can demo to you on the spot.
  • Can entertain your guest, see his body and face already make people happy.
  • Can be multi-language, he can speaks english, malay, kantonis, hakka etc. Depend on your requirement.
  • Most important thing is guarantee your guest will laugh non stop.
Dont believe?
See the picture below.

Met him in my wedding 5 years ago, now he is holding my son....

For those who interesting to hire him as your event's emcee, please contact me.

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