Nov 5, 2008

HaoHao day out without Daddy

"Daddy, I am ready to go to yinyin there."

"See, today raining! Haiz...."

"Ok, never mind, I saw Ah Mah got bring umbrella."

"But Mummy, how about you?"

"Haha.. Mummy said she got car, no need umbrella."

"OK, Mummy"

"Mummy, I am done. Take the bread, please. I want to play ball ball now!"

"Oh ho!! The ball dropped!"

"Never mind, never mind, I still got lion hanging up there."

"And junk food."

"See, mummy caught in jam in Subang."

"Luckily Federal Highway no jam."

"Caught in jam again in LDP. Haiz..."

"At last reach parking, but already 9:05am."


Yossi Candice Huth said...

Very messy... the car. And you snap pic while driving, Uncle Traffic, can you give her summons?

poor slob said...

I am laughing while looking at the pic with legend "Oh ho!! The ball dropped!". Sorry. =p

Little HaoHao said...

I snap photo while I was stop driving.

Yossi Candice Huth said...

but you anyone can prove you only snap the photo when your car was totally not in any motion? Got? Your little haohao?

Yossi Candice Huth said...

and tell me how can you stop and snap photo in Federal Highway when it was NOT jam according to your article?