Nov 4, 2008

Labeling Machine

I want own a labeling machine long time ago. But due to the price, I never bring it home. Do you know how much for a labeling machine? If Popular on sales, then it will cost RM 80++ or RM 90++. Then normal price will be over RM 100++.

Recently I just own it and some more without spent any cents on it. Sure you are thinking someone give me as a present. Haahaa... actually is HaoHao's daddy redeemed it from BONUSLINK. And it spent us 10600 points. We did not feel any pain on the point because it going to be expired.

Actually he redeemed a lot of thing from BONUSLINK last time. But all are the home electrical like food steamer, sandwich maker with grill etc. and now is the labeling machine.

If you go to my house now, you can see everywhere got label. Must get fully use of this labeling machine since I already wait for it so long. Haahaa... And some more I accidentally saw the price for the same model of labeling machine at Popular. Do you know how much the price? Hehe... It is RM138. So 10600 points equal to RM138, worth it right?

I just put the label on the boxes, but HaoHao's daddy put the label at each plug. So everywhere of the kitchen, can see the plug plus the label. And he some more put the label on the security alert's keypad. This is to indicate the light of number represent the area of the house. Because there is happening the alarm ring loudly at midnight but we do not know which area of the house causing the alarm ring.


ichigonad said...

my wife wants a shredder.
Don't know have enough points or not.

Little HaoHao said...

Go to and check....

Yossi Candice Huth said...

put some label on ur little haohao also la.. hahah