Nov 17, 2008

Selesa Hill, Bukit Tinggi 1

Last weekend, our company's activity club organized a company trip at Selesa Hill Resort, Bukit Tinggi. Which was exciting and team building trip. We just make a reservation, which were including everything like accommodation, meals and team building activities. In fact, there was nothing to do (except joined the resort team building activities). Because it was in the gentle hill of Bukit Tinggi and it is far away from town. If you plan to have a peace and quiet holiday then you can think about it.

Just want to post some photos to introduce this resort.

These are the apartments where we stay.

Apartment's view from team-building place.

Our apartment located at lower level. :(

So go through these staircase every meals and games.

Having our each meal at Supper Corner.

The children playground beside Supper Corner.

Flower in front of Supper Corner.

18-hole Golf Course

Vegetable farm in front of Selesa Hill Resort.

Mountain view (on the way to team-building place)

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