Jul 14, 2009

Dino Trek, Petrosains KLCC

We visited Dino Trek (Dinosaur Exhibition) at Petrosains KLCC last month, somewhere around mid of June (forgot the actual date). Just remembered that day I took a day off to take care my son, nephew and niece, due to my babysitter took a day off from me as well. :)

My sister in law and me hire a same babysitter, that why once the babysitter is missing then both of us need to take turn on leave and take care each other kids.

We were not planned to visit the dino trek, just because my hubby was around here and we just followed and shopped around in KLCC. Accidentally we saw it on the top floor, then just bought the tickets and let the kids play around inside.

Here are the photo sharing.

My niece and nephew in the exhibition.

HaoHao is busy finding dinosaur bone.

Actually he is not finding bone, he is more interesting on the "rubber sand". These are not actual sand like at beach side, these are rubber (which cut to small). That why I called them "rubber sand".

This is the bone he suppose to find.... hahahaha...

Both of them busy with the "rubber sand"

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