Jul 1, 2009

Maybank phishing email

Recently I received an email regarding my Maybank account had been blocked due to inactivity or too many failed login attempts. The email is asking me to login into Maybank website (which provided in the email) to reactivate my account.

Please look at the screen shot below.

When I mouse point over the maybank2u link, it is NOT http://www.maybank2u.com and it is http://fsbd3.fsbd.com (which I highlighted in the screen shot) At this moment, I am confirm this is phishing site. But I still clicked on it because I wanted to know how well he cloned MBB website. He done very well, exactly the same as what actual MBB website. If you not look at the URL, you are really do not know this is phishing site.

One thing make me curious is their logo. Maybank already change their logo long time ago (after they change their website interface.). Sometime we really need to notice on update and changes on bank's website.

Currently this website (http://fsbd3.fsbd.com) have been reported as Web Forgery, due to I reported it to Maybank. I just want to make sure my account is secured and protected.

1 comment:


this fake maybank is too fake lah!!

they should
1) write a grabber program always grab their latest interface from real maybank but change their form pointer to somewhere.

2) at least buy some domain that look like maybank lah, like maybankasia.com maybankinvest....bla bla bla. I think JS can fake the browser display of url...dono liao, go googling see see

still fake but can cheat ppl have lower brain level not high