Oct 22, 2008

August Rush

Today I am MC at home, due to food poisoning and diarrhea over the night. After visited the "handsome" doctor, (normally I will called them handsome doctor, because they cure my sickness and let me back to work. haahaa...) I was stay alone at home. Because all the family members went out to work.

Since I got a long day to go, I decided to spend my time with my collected movie. I have a habit to collect movie even though I am not going to watch them immediately. Normally I will watch it over the holiday or weekend.

I just finish a movie called "August Rush". I like this type of movie very much. May be because I was a school military band's member before. It is a very touching movie.

The story is something like a girl called Lyla. She is a cellist and love at first sight with a rock musician Louis. They spend the night in each other's arms. But Lyla's father forces them apart, even though she later learns she's pregnant. Lyla's father want Lyla have a successful career without the obstacle of a child. He tell Lyla the child had died, but the fact was the child was successfully delivered and sent to orphanage by her father.

And the story begin with an 11 years old kid called Evan, who is Lyla's son. He is talented in music. He always feel that he can find his parent through the music. The story continues with how he make his way to New York city and how is him taken by a man who houses various orphans and runaways, employing them to play music on the streets and taking a large cut of their tips. And "August Rush" is the name which given by the man to Evan.

One day, he run away from the man because of the police's raid. And he meet a girl in church and impress people with his natural musical talent. The pastor enrolled him into Juilliard School. Though the school, he have a chance to perform a concert in the centre park. At the same time, Lyla decides to resume her cello career and have a same performance with Evan. And how about Louis? He also go back play his rock music at New York city, and he rush to centre park when he saw Lyla's name on a sign billing the concert.

In the movie you can see how an 11 years old boy as a conductor and lead the band to perform the music. The ending of the story is ..... go to buy the DVD and watch yourself, hahahhahah....


ichigonad said...

Will go and download tonight. :P

Yossi Candice Huth said...

borrow me!!

Little HaoHao said...

ok, pass it to you tomorrow.