Oct 8, 2008

Bukit Tinggi 5 - Painting session

The kids were keen to paint the clay since yesterday night. Once we came back from organic farm, they were running toward the clay shop immediately. So each person chose his or her favorite clay and start painting.

My nephew chose smiling Garfield, my niece chose happy bear and I chose the lovely house.

Here are the starting.

When halfway painting, still can show smiling face.

After some time, niece stops to paint and just look around. See on the photo above.

And now see what happen to her clay... then you know the reason why she stops.

After 5 minutes, the face become like this...

At last, the grandma re-paint her clay become PANDA. The grandma only knows Panda’s color. Will let you guy see the final clay if I still got chance to capture the photo. The niece already took the clay. Hahahahah.....

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ichigonad said...

your niece is funny ... :)