Oct 7, 2008

Bukit Tinggi 3 - Organic Farm

We were visited organic farm on the next day. And it is only open on weekend and public holiday. They provide shuttle service (my niece said was lorry) to bring us to the organic farm at 8:45am. So we need to wake up early to have our breakfast.

The two kids were slept with grandma yesterday night. So the early morning rang to our room to wake up us. So we took bath and get ready for HaoHao. Then we had our breakfast at Boulangerie (A French Bakery shop).

At 9am, the shuttle was ready to take off to bring us to the farm. Once we reach there, the farmer was waiting there and brings us to go around. The whole farm is covering by the plastic. I think this is to prevent the vegetables destroy by the insects. And they did not use any pesticides to kill the insects.

We went by a group of people, and some of them are auntie and uncles. They were asking the farmer to buy some vegetable from him. But the farmer responded that the vegetables are not man for selling. In fact it was not enough to supply to customer. And the vegetable is for the boss. So who is the boss? heheheh.... Do you know who is the owner of the Bukit Tinggi? Berjaya Group's boss?

Although the vegetable cannot be sell to us, but the farmer is very kind to offer us to eat the vegetable as much as you can. Especially tomato. The two kids and HaoHao were very happy to eat that. Not only the kids, the grandma was happy to stick the tomato into the brown bag. And the kids were enjoying the tomato until we were in Japanese Village.

Here are the photos sharing session.



See this vege before?

"Xiao Bai Chai"


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