Oct 8, 2008

Bukit Tinggi 4 - Dinner & Lunch

After some walk and played around beside swimming pool. The dinnertime was come quietly. So what we having there? We walked in the "main road" again to search for our preference food. At first our choice was the chicken set at "Le Poulet Roti". The problem was the restaurant was full house and if we ordered the chicken set then need to wait until 9pm, that time was only early of eight. So we just forgeted it and looked around again, and this time we make sure the restaurant was not full of people and our dinner can be serve immediately.

Finally we go to "Le Blason" restaurant, which you co
uld went for buffet dinner OR Ala Carte. The restaurant was offered us buffet dinner by paying 4 persons for 5 adults and 3 kids. Since it was a bit late, we decided to go for Ala Carte.

We were having some local food and each plate was just cost RM18 compare to RM44 per person for buffet. It was much more cheaper. Hahaaha...

This was what I ordered, "Hainanese Chicken Rice"

This was what my hubby ordered, "Mee Mamak".

Ordered by brother in law, "Fried Rice".

Order by my nephew, "Nasi Lemak".

And this was our drink. Sky juice!

I wanted to capture more photos when the food came one by one. However, we were disturbing by El Bibo group (Philippine singing group). hahahah....... Not disturbing, was entertaining by them. They sung few songs for us, and continued went to table-by-table or restaurant-by-restaurant to entertain all the guests while they were having their dinner.

Now come to the next day lunch. We went to "Le Poulet Roti" and had our lunch there; finally we managed to enjoy the chicken set. It was enough for 4 adults (according to the menu). So we had 3 adults and 3 kids, should be enough to feed all the stomachs. Someone may feel curious, why suddenly the head court is lesser. Hahahaa... sister in law and the hubby went back on that day itself and leave the kids to the grandma and Jiu Jiu. They need to work on the next day. Too bad...

The main course was the chicken and rice, tuna spaghetti, salad and whipped potato were the side dish plus each person per drink (either blackberry juice or mango juice).

"Roasted Chicken"

"Whipped Potato"


"Tuna Speghetti"

It was similar as yesterday night; we were entertaining by El Bibo again. They were sung a song special delegated to grandma. This was to respect the eldest.

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wah the singers go and "kao" boy boy eh ..