Oct 29, 2008


Do you know what is "Pedometer"? I just bought it last weekend. Why I bought it because I want to know how many step I step out for each day. So now you know what is it? :)

According to Wikipedia, it was explained as "A pedometer (also known as a Tomish-meter, perhaps after the alleged inventor of a successful device, Thomas Jefferson ) or step counter is a device, in modern times usually portable and electronic or electromechanical, that counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of their hips."

Why suddenly I want to know how many steps I step out? This is because recently I read a blog that mentioned about it. I just curious what is my daily number. And I went to 10000 steps website to know more. If you have time, please visit it to gain your knowledge.

From the article, I knew that each person is good can reach 10000 steps per day. And they have the guideline. Please look at the table below.

Steps per dayActivity Level
5,000 - 7,499low active
7,500 - 9,999somewhat active
>=12,000highly active

Why we need to be active? According to The World Health Organization in the World Health Report 2002, estimated that the overall physical inactivity to cause 1.9 million deaths, 10-16% of cases each of breast cancer, colon and rectal cancers and diabetes mellitus , 22% of ischaemic heart disease and 19 million DALY globally. The global estimate for the prevalence of physical inactivity among adult is 17% and in Malaysia about 70% of adult never exercised.

There are a lot of benefit to be active. I just copy and paste it from 10000 step website.

  • boosts energy levels and improves mood
  • reduces risk of chronic diseases
  • reduces stress and tension
  • improves balance and flexibility
  • improves sleep
  • assists in weight management
  • increases muscle and bone mass
  • increases circulation
  • increases the ability of people with certain chronic, disabling conditions to perform activities of daily living

Since they got a lot of benefits, hope start from today all of us set a goal to reach 10000 step per day and live healthy.

Oh! Forgot to write down. My records are as below.
5,704 stepped out, just at low active level. See, if you never count, you never know. The count was low because I did not went to temple ate vegetable. Hahaha!!!

7,365 stepped out, still at low active level. But increase almost 2k steps, because..... haahaa... walk to temple for vegetable lah....

6,447 stepped out. lesser than yesterday. Because we walk to ate "fei lou" for lunch with Lai. Lai coming over lunch with us.

8,864 stepped out. The higher mark on this week.

Just show a week step's count. :)


ichigonad said...

Where you buy?
And how much for one?

Thank you. :P

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Little HaoHao said...

I bought it at Giant and it just
RM11.90. The brand is OneBody, battery included somemore.

Little HaoHao said...

Sorry is Tesco, not Giant. I was confuse because I went to Tesco first then Giant. So confirm is Tesco. :)

Yossi Candice Huth said...

so let's walk to temple to have vegetarian food every day :)

poor slob said...

I am one of the 70% (not-exercising adult).

ichigonad said...

Eh ... next time can get one for me?

I pay you back. :D

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Little HaoHao said...

Can. If I remember. haahaa... Who else want it. I buy at one go.