Oct 6, 2008

Bukit Tinggi 1

Last Friday, my family went to Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi for two days one night trip. Just a short trip since is so near to KL. Getting the voucher when Reliance having promotion for Bukit Tinggi. Only open for company staff, sorry for outsider. I was grabbed two vouchers for just RM180, RM90 per voucher / room. And normal price for the room is RM 150 per room, but when I query for another extra room on that day, the counter staff told me that the room rate for that day is RM 273. May be because of Hari Raya holiday.

I failed to book the room somewhere in July, due to fully book. So this time, I just try my luck again to book just after Hari Raya [3rd Oct 2008]. There was very surprising, they reply me by confirm and reserve two superior room for me.

I am not sure what was the check-in time since the voucher did not mention it. So I just pretend it as 3pm. And I was been there before, knows that not so many places to go except for that main road.

Can I call it main road? Hahahahah…

When we reached there just about 3pm, on the right timing. We some more had our lunch at Bukit Tinggi village (which famous by river fish). But we did not order it, hahahaha.. We just having some normal vege.

After check-in, we "throw" our luggage into the room. But very surprising, they give me two rooms, which are very far away. One is at end of the right corner and another one at end of left corner. Counter staff told me no more available room in the same block. What to do? Accept it loh…

Come out from the hotel room, we were welcome by the clown and the dancers. There got a stage and some dancers were performing. My boy was not scaring the clown at all. The clown some more near me and took photo with me. He keeps on stare at him. I think he got a lot of the question in his mind. Why this uncle got color on the face? Why he took photo with us? Why the nose is red? Hahahahah...

We having some walk in the road and snap a lot of photo. Here are the photos sharing session. Continues at next blog...

"Jiu Jiu, I want take photo with you"

Family Photo

The kids and the grandmum.
"HaoHao, where's your shoe?"

My family

Sister in laws's family

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ichigonad said...

The clown very scary.