Sep 25, 2008


These few days keep on thinking of change notebook, because the old notebook having some problem. The main reason is the battery cannot be charge easily. This is because the wire connection to notebook having problem. You need to be very patient to turn the connection until your luck is coming and the notebook have been charged. Else use the battery power to support the notebook until battery empty. And the second thing is the screen having a vertical line in the middle of the monitor. Although it's not causing any problem. hahahah... but when people want to change notebook, any reason also will be a good reason to proceed with it.

So when you want to buy notebook, few things need to consider right? Brand, model, spec and the budget. Actually I did not think much, because I know I sure will go to DELL. This is because DELL having promotion. Well, you might said DELL 365 days also having promotion... but when you see this then you might think this is the cheaper notebook you can get right now. Spec as below.

Dell™ Inspiron™ 1525
ProcessorIntel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor T2330 (1.60GHz)
Operating systemGenuine Windows Vista® Home Basic*
Memory15.4” WXGA Display with Integrated 2.0 mega pixel web cam
Hard Drive120GB* SATA Hard Drive
Optical Drive8X DVD Burner*
Graphic CardIntegrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
Wireless Network CardDell™ Wireless 1490 Dual Band 802.11a/b/g 54Mbps Mini-Card

So what is the price? haahaaa.... Guess!
The price is RM 1899.00 so if you want 0% installment then will be RM 159.00 per month. Cheap? What do you think?

Everything get ready, and proposed it to my hubby. So you know what he said?
"Are you sure you want to change ah?"
"Old one cannot use already meh?"
"If really want to buy, can sell the old one to someone or not?"

See this "si kedekut" sure will ask me those questions..... haiz..........


calverstine said...

how u fix the table tr br o, allah, please tell me.!!! allah allah !!

Little HaoHao said...

Like what you told me everytime.... "Pay me first then I tell you..."

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calverstine said...


Little HaoHao said...

需要这样咒我吗? 你真的是混蛋Johnny....

calverstine said...

我外号是混蛋嘛..^^告诉我吧 please ..

Little HaoHao said...

< tr >
< td >混蛋Johnny< /td >
< /tr >

< tr >< td >混蛋Johnny< /td >< /tr >


calverstine said...

看到了,line break 哦,好厉害,豪妈妈!!!^^开心学到东西哦

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ichigonad said...

now I am curious ...
what are the two words?